Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Updated driver FAQ’s.

How do I download the app?.  You will have received a link to download the app during sign up. Please refer to link.



What operating system do I need?  You can use both IOS and Android. ? IPhone needs to be a minimum of 14.0 and Android needs to be a minimum of Android 8. Android Go versions is not compatible with the app

How do I login to the app   Please enter company id and password into app you received during sign up. This is only required once and will be stored going forward.  Then enter your driver reference and pin number you received during sign up. Please ensure you include letter and digits.

 What do I need to do if I change my phone?  You will need to contact Lynk driver team to open your driver profile. You can only use the app on one phone.

Will the app plot me automatically? Yes the app will automatically plot me in the current zone I am in

How do I get paid?.  We will pay you directly into your bank account. For this we require your bank details.

How can I take holidays?  You will need to notify the Lynk driver team a minimum of one week in advance

I cannot contact passengers?  Please ensure you are using the same number as you gave during sign up.

How do I contact base?  Select base on app and then select request a call.

How do I send in vouchers/dockets to accounts? Send them to whats app 087 647 3093 or gmail

What do I do if the passenger wants to make a stop or change the route in car: Please contact the base if the account notes say so or leave a comment for accounts

Can I take the quickest route i.e. M50? The shortest route must always be taken. M50 or quickest route can be taken if the client requests and the account notes allow it

My app is saying my paperwork is out of date, what will I do? Please send in your updated paperwork to

I changed bank accounts, how can I update the details? Please send your bank details to