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Lynk 2022 – The stats, facts and miscellaneous

Lynk has released its 2022 roundup with some interesting and eyebrow raising stats. Times have certainly changed quickly, with 2021’s most popular destination being Covid vaccine centres to 2022’s busiest rank being Dublin Airport, Irish people are certainly shifting back to normality.

Lynk goes live with Portlaoise Taxis

Lynk Taxis opens its service to drivers and customers in Portlaoise as plans for national expansion kickstarts. Taxi users in Portlaoise will now be able to connect with a local Lynk drivers when they book by phone or app. So far, Lynk has signed up over 30 drivers in the area which will make it the largest driver network in Portlaoise.

Ukraine Appeal – Thanks to our drivers & staff

Over the past couple of weeks Lynk drivers and staff have donated to help families in Ukraine. Many of our drivers are from Ukraine with some of their families still living there. After speaking with these drivers they are incredibly thankful for the efforts made by everyone in Lynk.

2021 – The Good, the Bad and the Weird

Its been a mad 12 months for Lynk Taxis. Everything opening, closing, reopening and closing again, its been a bit of yoyo year. One thing that hasnt stopped is our taxi drivers, they have put in trojan work all year and are a bit of a forgotten hero on the front line.

STERI-7 XTRA – Lynks new taxi sterilization system

Over the last number of years, Lynk Taxis have become industry leaders when it comes to customer safety. We are continuously investing in new and innovative ways to keep both our customers and drivers safe. In the last year we have introduced protective screens into the Irish taxi market and now Lynk are working with STERI-7 XTRA to take our taxi sterilization to the next level. Here’s what you need to know…

Here’s how Lynk Taxis are working to keep you safe

A lot has changed lately, and Lynk taxis are adapting to these changes. Here are some of the ways we are working together to stay safe…

Support Local this Christmas with Lynk Taxis

All over Dublin there are so many local shops that would love your support now more than ever. So let’s all be sound and support local this festive season, with that in mind Lynk Taxis wants to take you to some of our favorite local shopping centres this Christmas…

The Lucky Lynk is here…

We’ve received a record number of ‘Lucky Lynk sightings around Dublin. One customer has even said ‘I seen the Lucky Lynk at the end of a rainbow’, we can not confirm or deny this 👀 Have you seen them driving around? Keep a look out

Dublin’s Culture Night is back!

Dublin’s Culture Night is back and there are loads of events happening all across Dublin to look forward to. One of the really cool things about this year’s festival is the mix of both online or offline events, from virtual tours, workshops, demonstrations, and even original performances created especially for this year’s event. Here are just some of the events we are looking forward to at this year’s Dublin’s Culture Night!

5 things for Zlatan to do & see in Tallaght

Shamrock Rovers have been handed a difficult task of taking on AC Milan in the second round of qualifying for the Europa League.

The game will take place in Tallaght Stadium as the European giants play a Dublin side for the first time. What would usually be a sell-out crowd, the game will be played behind closed doors due to COVID restrictions still being in place.

Dublin for Dubs: Top 10 hotel offers in the city

It’s time to rediscover our city, enjoy everything that makes it special and support our local businesses and let’s face it, you could do with a change of scenery.  Here are our top 10 hotel offers in the city 

Dublin is open, here’s where to go

It’s finally time to meet up with friends, grab some food, have a drink, and get out around Dublin.  Your day out needs a bit more planning than before, and one thing to remember is to pre-book where you want to go.  If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to planning your day here’s some help, check out our guide on spending your first day out.

What pubs are reopening on the 29th June?

The countdown to June 29th is on! Phase three will see cafes, restaurants, and pubs across the country set to reopen. With that in mind, we have put together a list of the pubs across Dublin that you can visit from the 29th. Now we just have to figure out where we’re going to get a taxi to first.

Lynk Taxis CareKit Drive-Thru

Over the past few weeks, our team has been working to support and protect our drivers as they keep Dublin moving. We have been listening closely to Government recommendations as well as drivers’ feedback to plan towards the future. This allowed us to create and implement procedures and services to support our large network of drivers. One of the biggest ways we worked to support our drivers was through the introduction of a CareKit Drive-Thru.

Back to work? Here’s the best way to travel

As we adapt to the new normal, there are changes that we now have to consider for the first time. From how many people we come in contact with to how we travel day today. Commuting on public transport can be crowded and even stressful at the best of times which isn’t ideal especially now.

If you’re not within walking distance of where you need to travel, it’s time to rethink how you get around. 

What are Lynks Protective Screens?

Our main priority in Lynk Taxis is the safety of our drivers and passengers, especially now more than ever. One of the biggest safety measures we have introduced is the installation of Protective Screens throughout our fleet of taxis.

Taxi Travel Tips During Covid-19

We understand that life doesn’t stop because the virus has arrived, you will still need to get from A to B. Here are our tips to keep in mind while traveling by taxi over the coming few weeks.

Dublin Landmark Quiz

A picture can paint a thousand words! Or in this case, a few pictures can make a Dublin Landmark Quiz. Can you match these pictures with some famous Dublin locations?  🏛️  ⛪  🏟️  🍺

What’s on in Dublin – March 2020

Spring is finally here and there is loads happening around Dublin City to enjoy. From the St. Patricks Festival to Country to Country, this March is jam packed with stuff to do!

What to do in Blanchardstown

Lynk Taxis have had the pleasure of dropping customers to and from Blanchardstown for many years now. We’ve learned a lot about the area from the locals and from exploring ourselves. Because of this, we want to share some of our favourite things to do, and places to visit in Blanchardstown! Keep reading this new instalment of our ‘area guide blogs’ to find something to do this weekend.

Lynk’s February Event Guide

Now that January is over, the purse strings are loosening and the New Year’s resolutions are wearing off. You’ll be glad to hear that there’s a lot happening in Dublin in February. Check out our February Event Guide below to find some fun events to go to this month!

What to do in Blackrock

In this month’s local area guide we turn our attention to the southside village of Blackrock. Lynk Taxis have been operating in Blackrock for many years now, and we know all the hidden gems. We’ve asked our drivers, and the locals, for their favourite spots and what they like to get up to in the area.

Competition T&C’s – Win a week of FREE taxis to work

Win a week of FREE taxis to work. 🚕💨

We know the daily commute can be stressful, never mind the long wait for a bus or getting on a busy Luas! We want you to sit back and relax as we take you to work by taxi for a whole WEEK. To enter head over to our Facebook.

Lynk’s 2019 in Numbers

Check out Lynk’s round-up of the past year in numbers!

Lynk’s December Event Guide

Christmas FM is back on the radio, Grafton Street (not quarter) is lit up and it’s starting to feel like Christmas again.

What to do in Cabra

Cabra is an area of Dublin that Lynk have operated in for many years now. We know the roads like the back of our hands and our drivers would give a good go at naming all of the original 17 shops!

What to do in Tallaght

Ever since we released our blog post on our favourite places to eat and drink in Lucan, we’ve had requests to share our local knowledge on other areas in Dublin! We’ve decided to dedicate our latest blog post to Tallaght.

Where to Eat and Drink in Lucan

Lynk Taxis have had the pleasure of dropping countless customers to and from Lucan. We’ve met 100s, if not 1,000s of locals and over the years we’ve gathered a lot of top tips! We’ve decided to share some of this local knowledge in our latest blog so give it a read below!

CEO and Directors travel in Chauffeur Class

How you travel can set the tone for a successful meeting, a great presentation or a comfortable trip to the airport. A smooth, pleasant and stress-free trip in Lynk Chauffeur Class is the only way to travel for top professionals.

How to be 5-Star Passenger

Being a taxi driver isn’t the easiest job. You never really know who you’re going to pick up. The hours can be pretty rough if you’re working nights. And don’t get us started on the traffic. One thing that taxi drivers do love about the job is that they get to meet new people. We sat down with a few Lynk taxi drivers and asked them how to be a 5-star passenger.

5 Tips when Travelling to Dublin Airport on a Business Trip

Booking flights, packing bags and finding your passport are all stressful things to worry about when heading to the airport. If you’re a regular flyer, the whole process gets easier as you learn from previous mistakes.

7 Tips to Improve your Travel Expense Reports

Expense reports are boring and the travel ones are usually the most time-consuming. It can be an annoyance for many employees and finance/expense managers. The gathering of receipts and keeping a record of bookings can be a tiresome task every month. Never mind the receipts that are lost and trips that are unaccounted for.

Lynk’s October Event Guide

The days are getting shorter and colder, but that won’t dampen our spirits! Lynk’s October Event Guide has picked some fantastic events you can go to this month. Give it a read and start getting excited for the month ahead!

Taxis Around The World 🌍 – The Viennese Fiaker

While mostly used by tourists and for special occasions these days, the Fiaker is a horse-drawn carriage that used to be Vienna’s most common form of transport. The latest blog in our ‘Taxis Around the World’ series takes a deep dive into these old-school taxis with a tradition.

Lynk’s September Event Guide

Well, it’s official, Summer is over. That doesn’t mean the fun has to end though right?! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most exciting and interesting events taking place in Dublin in September.

Taxis Around The World 🌏 – Cuban Coco Taxis

We say hola to sunny Cuba as we take a deep dive into perhaps the most unique taxi we’ve covered so far in this series.

Lynk’s August Event Guide

The Summer feeling may be fading, but there is still a lot of fun to be had! Our August Event Guide breaks down six exciting and very different events taking place in Dublin this month. If you’re stuck for ideas for your weekends off, you’ll be sure to find something of interest below.

Taxis Around The World 🌍 – Mumbai Padmini Taxis

We travel to Mumbai to take a look at the next taxi in our ‘Taxis Around The World Series’. While rare to come by these days, the Premier Padmini is synonymous with Mumbai’s taxi industry.

Lynk’s July Event Guide

Summer is here! The weather is finally picking up and luckily for you, there are plenty of events taking place outdoors in Dublin in July. Check out our top picks below in this month’s Dublin Event Guide.

Taxis Around The World 🌍 – Venice Water Taxis

The latest blog post in our ‘Taxis Around The World’ series takes us to Venice, Italy. Venice is a city that is situated on a group of 118 small islands. Because of this, the taxi industry is very different to the one you’ll see anywhere else in the world!

Airplane Essentials

Your flights are booked, your passport is in date…what else do you need to bring with you?

Lynk’s June Event Guide

June is one of the most exciting months in Dublin with music, literature, food and culture festivals all taking place across the city.

Taxis Around The World 🌏 – Bangkok Tuk Tuks

After covering London Black Cabs and New York City Yellow Cabs in the ‘Taxis Around the World’ series, it’s time to travel a bit further and take a deep dive into Bangkok!

Taxi Driver Respect Campaign

National Transport Authority (NTA) launch campaign to encourage customers to respect their drivers.

The six-week national driver respect campaign is currently live across digital and social media platforms. Over the coming weeks the campaign will be seen on bus shelters, on-board public transport and on bus vehicles exteriors.

Lynk’s May Event Guide

With a Bank Holiday Weekend and the promise of sun, May is always an exciting month full of fantastic events in Dublin. Check out the latest instalment of our Dublin event guide to see what’s going on in May.

Taxis Around The World 🌏 – London Black Cabs

When you think of famous taxis around the world, two spring to mind. You think of the NYC Yellow Cab (which we covered in last month’s blog) and the Hackney Carriage, also known as the London Black Cab.

Lynk’s April Event Guide

Spring is one of our favourite times of the year. The mood of the city noticeably improves at the first glimpse of sun! Let’s take a look at some of the exciting events taking place in Dublin during April.

Taxis Around The World 🌏 – NYC Yellow Cabs

Taxis have been commonplace around the world from as early as the 17th century. Whether you’re in New York or New Delhi however, you will notice they come in all shapes and sizes

Lynk’s March Event Guide

With the end of February treating us to sun as well as snow, there’s no telling what March will bring. For this reason we’ve chosen a mixture of indoor and outdoor events to suit all conditions. Welcome to Lynk’s March Event Guide!

Lynk’s February Event Guide

Annnnddd breathe. Now that January is done and dusted, it’s time to enjoy yourselves again! February is packed full of fun and exciting events for all to enjoy. Check out our February event guide, grab a mate and let Lynk get you around town this month.

2018 in Numbers

What was the longest fare recorded in a Lynk Taxi in 2018? What was the weirdest item left in a Lynk Taxi? Find out all the answers to the above questions and more in our ‘2018 in Numbers’ infographic!

Battery Deliveries on Christmas Day

December 17th, 2018: Lynk, Ireland’s homegrown taxi app, have had a great idea that might just save Christmas. Lynk have announced a hotline for exclusive use on Christmas day. Panicked parents will be able to get emergency AA and AAA batteries delivered directly to their door.

Lynk’s December Event Guide

Santa is almost here, so here is our pick of great December events to head along to – don’t forget to download the Lynk App from your app store and let us help you get around to all the festive happenings this month!

Black Friday Weekend Offer

Kick off Christmas Party Season with a cheaper taxi this weekend! This weekend get 10% off your Lynk taxi with our Black Friday weekend offer. Its edging closer to Christmas and pint season has officially started, if you’re heading out over the weekend use this reward code to get a discount.

Lynk’s November Event Guide

The days are definitely getting shorter and evenings now much darker since the clocks went back recently. Not to worry though, there are lots to do in around the city this November! Check out our November event guide below – download the Lynk App from your app store to help get around to all the happenings this month!

Halloween Taxi – Take a Trip. Win a Treat

Heading out over the weekend? We have €200 in taxi credit to giveaway.

Its simple, to enter all you have to do is book a taxi on the Lynk app over the Bank Holiday weekend. So if you’re heading out for drinks with friends, going for food with your family or if you’re stuck in work, book with Lynk to get you there!! Download the app and pre book your halloween taxi

Bank Holiday Weekend Event Guide

There’s nothing like a 3-day weekend in Dublin. With so many exciting events taking place this Bank Holiday Weekend, we thought we’d write a blog about some of our favourites! To celebrate, we’re also giving away 10 x FREE €20 worth of credits for Lynk, all you have to do is make an app booking between the 26th October and 1st November for a chance to win. Download the app here.

Lynk’s October Event Guide

With the days getting shorter and the weather getting worse, you may be starting to fear the upcoming winter. Not to worry though, as there are many great events taking place this October to keep your mood high!

Lynk’s September Event Guide

The summer may be over, but September is still filled with a whole host of great things to do. From festivals to major sporting events, Lynk have nailed down the top events in the September Event Guide.

Lynk’s August Event Guide

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun still to be had before we get the umbrellas out again! Check out some of the great events and occasions taking place over the month of August below.

New App Features

The new Lynk app gives you access to the Riide network meaning you can use your Lynk taxi app to book in more than 22 towns/cities in Ireland, UK, US & Canada!

Lynk’s June Event Guide

Although summer officially started last month, it looks like the weather has finally arrived now! June is perhaps one of the most exciting months in Dublin with music, book, food and culture festivals all taking place.

May 25th: Local Lifts for Voters

Lynk Taxis Offering Free Local Lifts for Voters on May 25th. #LynkToVote is available in the Greater Dublin area to encourage locals to use their vote.

Lynk’s May Event Guide

Summer is officially here (*cough*) and there are many great events taking place around Dublin this month. We’re here to tell you about them in Lynk’s May Event Guide!

This Year’s Summer Sporting Events

A summer of sports is headed our way…get your diaries out! The sun has begun to shine and with that comes the excitement of summer.

Lynk’s Easter Weekend Event Guide

Looking for fun events that don’t involve copious amounts chocolate, egg hunts and mass?

College Green – Southbound Taxi Movements Prohibited

College Green – 7am to 10am Southbound Taxi Movements Prohibited

On Monday 12 March, new restrictions were introduced for taxis driving in the area around College Green in Dublin’s City Centre.

Lynk’s March Dublin Events Guide

Now that the Beast from the East has passed, it’s time to look forward to some of the exciting Dublin events taking place in the month of March. And don’t forget, you can download our app and have a Lynk taxi arrive in just a few taps to take you to any of these fantastic events!

Lynk Taxi Finalise Crucial Wicklow Partnership

Continued growth as Lynk team up with MT Cabs in Bray. Lynk have finalised a key acquisition in one of Dublin’s largest commuter towns, Bray. Lynk have been rapidly expanding their reach for customers which has further cemented them as one of the biggest players in the Irish taxi industry.

Lynk’s February Event Guide

With dry January finally over, we all breathe a sigh of relief! It’s time to get out and enjoy yourself, to dust off those January cobwebs. We’ve picked 6 stand-out events happening in the month of February, including some Valentine’s Day date ideas!

New Web-Booker

Introducing the brand new Lynk Web-Booker. The perfect solution for booking your taxi through any desktop or mobile device. Ideal for hotels, receptions & personal assistants.

The existing version will automatically redirect to the new version on Wed 7th February 2018.

Lynk’s January Event Guide

Happy New Year from all of the team at Lynk Taxis! With Dry January in full swing, we’ve picked 5 stand-out events of the month that you can head to without needing a beer in your hand, check them out below.

2017 in Numbers

Check out Lynk’s round-up of 2017!

Lynk’s Post-Christmas Pre-New Year’s Eve Events Guide

Christmas is over, and you have a whole week to kill before the New Year’s Eve celebrations kick off, so what do you fill your time with?

December Events Guide

With everyone getting into the festive spirit of Christmas, we’ve hand-picked a number of exciting events taking place across the city to help you get in mood if you’re feeling like a bit of a Grinch!

Lynk’s November Events Guide

With Halloween now over and Christmas (yes, sorry – we went there!) just around the corner, Lynk have drilled down the top events to get involved with this November.

Lynk’s Tips To Surviving The Rail Strike

Irish Rail are set to strike tomorrow (Wednesday 1st November) but don’t despair just yet, Lynk are here to help. We have thousands of hard working drivers that will hit the roads to get you from A to B hassle free.

Lynk’s Favourite Taxi Movie Scenes

Many a movie throughout history have had memorable taxi scenes featured in them, so we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourites!

Lynk’s October Events Guide

With the weather starting to turn recently, many of you will be starting to fear the impending winter months. Not to worry though, as there are so many great events to keep your moods high!

All-Ireland Final Preview

After months of training, preparation, analysis and 61 matches, we are left with two teams battling it out to take home the Sam Maguire Cup this Sunday. Can Dublin make it 3 in-a-row or can Mayo avenge last year’s final loss to win the All-Ireland for the 4th time in their history.

Lynk’s September Events Guide

The Summer (*cough*) might be drawing to a close, but September in this fair city of ours is still filled with a whole host of great things to do. From festivals to major sporting events, Lynk have drilled down the top events to get involved with this September.

Lynk’s Top 5 Dublin Day Trips

It’s time to start planning the next few weekends and make the most of the waning warmth! In today’s blog, we are recommending 5 of our favourite Dublin day trips to take; no need to travel across the country, we’ve got everything you need right here in the capital!

Lynk’s Summer GAA Guide

Summertime in Dublin is filled with endless activities and events, from food markets to music festivals and everything in between, we’ve got it all, but one thing that has remained a constant in Dublin’s heart is the GAA.

Lynk’s July Events Guide

We are back with another round-up of Lynk’s top things to do in the month of July. From live sport to live music with some street performers in the middle, July has it all.  Keep reading and fill your weekends with one of the many activities we have picked out for you!

Lynk’s Dublin Gigs & Events Guide

Ireland is famous for its music scene and the amount of talent coming to our shores in the next two weeks alone proves this point. We have created a list of some of our top-picks for upcoming gigs & events in Dublin – let’s just hope this weather keeps up!

Things To Do This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Lynk has got you covered with the following roundup of the top things to do in Dublin this weekend.

Top Events This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and with the events calendar jam-packed this year, we decided to put together Lynk’s top events to look out for over the coming months.

Top Things To Do This Easter

As Easter rolls around and most people enjoy a 4 day long weekend, Lynk have put together some of the happenings around Dublin for you and your family to enjoy!

The History of Taxis

A simple tap of a few buttons on your smartphone and poof, a Lynk taxi will appear in a matter of minutes – but where did the modern day taxi originate?

Blackrock Cabs Fully Merge with Lynk

After working together for the past two years, Lynk have merged with Blackrock Cabs to add another local area to their expanding network.

Booking Tips for Paddy’s Weekend

St. Patrick’s Day, 17th March, is Ireland’s national holiday and with events and parties planned throughout Dublin City we’re giving you some tips to make sure your taxi service is as smooth as possible.

Love Lynk This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we’re dedicating ourselves to bringing all the last minute lovers together. We are offering our lovely customers €5 off fares with the code CUPIDCAB5 through the Lynk app on February 14th.

Lynk 2016 in Numbers

Check out Lynk’s round-up of 2016!

Top 10 places to celebrate this Halloween

To help you decide which spot suits you, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 spookiest places to celebrate Halloween…

Lynk’s tips to survive the next 11 bus strikes

Dublin bus have announced they have 11 more strikes scheduled for the coming month, but don’t despair just yet, Lynk are here to help.

Lynk is Hiring

Want to work for Ireland’s second largest and most ambitious taxi app company? Well here’s your chance…. We are on the lookout for exceptional people who can make a difference to our close-knit company. We are expanding and are now recruiting Customer Service Sensations to join our busy call centre team.

Lynk Announce ‘Fixed Fare’ Pokemon Go Tour

15th August 2016

Lynk, the Dublin taxi app, has just announced a new city wide Pokémon Go tour service, in order to meet significant demand.

Things To Do In Dublin This August

Looking for something to keep you entertained as August gets off to a (somewhat) summery start? Lynk has got you covered with our wrap up of the top things to add to your ‘must see’ list!

Introducing Lynk Pro

A year and half since the launch Lynk – the largest taxi company in Ireland – Noel Ebbs, the founder of Lynk, has announce he is launching new division to his company – LynkPro.

10 Things You Definitely Don’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day

Barack doesn’t even get to keep his shamrocks?! Learn why from our St Patricks Day facts below.

Top Things To Do This Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, 17th March, is Ireland’s national holiday and a day when the whole country (and the world) will celebrate all things green and Irish.

Bring a Book, Buy a Book Campaign 2016

Lynk have teamed up with St Michael’s House again this year, to help support their “Bring a Book, Buy a Book” campaign. St. Michael’s House provide services for people with intellectual disabilities and we are always delighted to take part in this campaign.

Lynk Are Hiring!

Not all superheroes wear capes – some wear head-sets!

€10 Taxi Credit Offer Ending

There is just ONE DAY REMAINING to download the Lynk App and claim your FREE €10 Lynk Taxi Credit – so make sure you download the app and avail of your credit today!

Excellence in Business Awards 2015

Lynk are delighted to announce that we have received an honour in The Public Sector Magazine, Excellence in Business Awards 2015. We have been awarded Outright Winner for Public Sector Transport App.

Calling All Students – Win Free Taxis For a Semester!

Hey students,

Want to WIN free taxis for a semester?

Get 40% off your food bill at Ginthai by quoting ‘Lynk offer.’

Lynk have teamed up with our mates at Ginthai to offer you a great night out, minus the stress and at a mere fraction of the cost!

Lynk – Bank Holiday Events Wrap Up

It’s the last of the Bank Holidays before the Irish Summer (cough!) starts to draw to a close and Lynk have you covered with a list of fun weekend events.

Lynk Loves: Summer Events

Not heading off on your Summer holidays just yet, and looking for something to keep you entertained this weekend? We’ve got you covered!

Best Beer Gardens of Dublin

Here at Lynk we want to help you see all the best beer gardens around Dublin. Dublin has lots of really great beer gardens, and Lynk have decided to list their favourites to help you on your way to enjoying the perfect evening. 

5 Events To Check Out This Bank Holiday Weekend

Planning to head away for the bank holiday weekend? Lynk want to show you some of the hidden gems you may or may not have heard of around the city for the weekend ahead.

Tips On Getting Around During The Bus Strike

Not a great way to start the Bank Holiday weekend. But hey, not all is lost – we’re here to help if we can. Thousands of our hard working drivers will be hard at the wheel to get you there.

Expected Delays Due to Dublin Bus Strike

Due to the Dublin bus strikes across the City as well as nationwide over the course of the next few days, Lynk are expecting significant delays in their services.

Lynk Taxi’s Comment on April Taxi Fare Increases

Lynk Frontman, Noel Ebbs, Explains The National Taxi Fare Increases

Lynk Re-Collaborates with Change For Charity

Lynk has re-collaborated with Change for Charity to promote the organisation in its bid to encourage donations of small coins to various charities across Ireland.

Vouchers, Lynk Taxi App Vouchers Everywhere!

Lynk Taxi Brand Ambassadors were busy last Thursday, March 26th, in 8 locations across Dublin including St Stephens Green, Harcourt Street, Grand Canal, Pearse Street and Ballsbridge.

Lynk Expands its’ Workforce by 200

Lynk, Dublin’s first home grown taxi app, is expanding this month with the addition of 200 drivers to its’ ranks. The extension comes following a merger with Blue Cabs, Dublin’s third largest taxi company.

Lynk Team Up With Powerscourt For Overnight Stay Competition!

This week Lynk has collaborated with the stunning Powerscourt Hotel through Facebook for a giveaway competition.

Lynk teams up with JOE/HER for credit giveaway!

This week Lynk has given away €50 worth of credit to the winners of the online competitions!

Celebrate Valentines with Lynk

#Lovelynk: Lynk taxi app lands in time for Valentine’s Day with chat-up line competition

Dublin’s first home-grown taxi app wants the city’s best chat up lines.

Our Press Release

#Lovelynk: Dublin’s first home-grown taxi app launches in the city today.

Lynk taxi app launches across Dublin city today with €25 credit with every download

Welcome to Lynk!

Welcome to Lynk, Dublin’s newest innovative taxi app!

Here at Lynk, we’ve more than 2,500 Garda-vetted, full time drivers. You the consumer have asked, and we’ve listened.