Lynk and Steri-7 team up to start sterilizing taxis

Lynk and Steri-7 team up to start sterilizing taxis

Over the last number of years, Lynk Taxis have become industry leaders when it comes to customer safety. We are continuously investing in new and innovative ways to keep both our customers and drivers safe. In the last year we have introduced protective screens into the Irish taxi market and now Lynk are working with STERI-7 XTRA to ensure each taxi is cleaned to the highest standard. Here’s what you need to know…



What is STERI-7 XTRA

STERI-7 XTRA is a surface disinfectant cleaner that keeps on cleaning and killing bacteria and germs for up to 7 days after it’s application.

How does it work ?

It works by instantly killing bacteria and germs, then when it dries it creates a reactive barrier on the surface. STERI-7 XTRA works against all pathogenic organisms that include Coronavirus.

What makes it different? 

STERI-7 XTRA is different to other spray cleaners – when it has dried, a barrier is created which re-activates when in the presence of any moisture.

So what does that mean? 

For bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and moulds to reproduce, they must have some form of moisture. However the moisture they need, no matter the amount is enough to activate STERI-7 XTRA’s Reactive Barrier. Once the Reactive Barrier is activated all the germs are effectively wiped out.

Lynk and STERI-7 XTRA

Our in house team will  be treating Lynks fleet of taxis with STERI-7 XTRA, meaning the interior of each car will under go a deep clean on a regular basis.

Is it Safe?

Yes! All of STERI-7 XTRA’s ingredients have worldwide approval.

For more information on Lynks Taxi Sterilization or to book your next taxi give us a call on (01) 8727272 or visit our website.