How to be a 5 Star Passenger

How to be a 5 Star Passenger

Being a taxi driver isn’t the easiest job, the hours can be pretty rough, you don’t know who you’re going to pick up and don’t get us started on the traffic. To be fair our taxi drivers do love the job, so we sat down with some of our  taxi drivers and to find out how to be a 5 star passenger.


Just like everyone else you meet on a daily basis, your taxi driver deserves the utmost respect. This was point that every drivers agreed with. Your driver is providing you with a safe service and each of journey should be free from abuse or aggression. Remember that your taxi drivers is a normal person, someone’s friends, family, neighbors and vital parts of your community.

Be Punctual

Taxi drivers schedules can be jam packed busy and they usually have another booking lined up after you’re one. So punctuality is a big thing, try to be at your pick up point at the agreed time. You know the story if you’re late, then the next pick up is late! This snowballs into his next passenger being annoyed.

Try not to adjust the window

Whether your feeling a bit chilly or all hot and bothered, just mention it to your driver. They will appreciate you asking instead of putting up and down the windows.

Most importantly – Never Touch the Radio

We all know that one annoying person that jumps in the front of the taxi and  just starts playing with the radio and messing around the stations. Don’t be this person! Again, just ask your driver, they probably have Rihanna’s album in the glovebox.

Now you know what it takes to become a 5 star passenger its time to book your next taxi and put what you have learned into action. Give Lynk Taxis a call on (01) 8202020, visit our website or download the App.