5 Reasons to open a Business Account with Lynk

5 Reasons to open a Business Account with Lynk

No matter the size of your business or the industry you’re in, Lynk for Business can help. Working across web, app, and phone our technology works with your business to simplify how you book and pay for taxis. Whether you work in large office with multiple staff, a hotel where you need to book transport for guests or you need a taxi for your daily commute. Lynk Taxis can offer a booking and payment solution for you. Here are 5 reasons to open a business account with Lynk.


We work whatever way works for you. Book a taxi on the go, in the office or on the street. Book by App, Web or Phone and pay by cash, card or business account.

Secure booking

Control who travels on your business account. You can add pins and permissions for better account security. This allows only eligible staff to book on your account and prevents misuse.

Spend Insights

Have complete visibility of all taxi expenses and booking history. See who is going where and at what times? Be in total control of your taxi account.


We understand how valuable your time is, that’s why our business customers get priority when booking a taxi. As a business customer you skip the queue over regular bookings so you don’t miss that important meeting or flight.

Create rewards for your staff

Cover the cost or a portion of your employees taxis into work. With our reward program you can thank staff for a job well done. Create app promo vouchers for staff that help cover their commute in and out of the office.

To open a business account with Lynk, visit Lynk for Business to set up a business profile. Our accounts team will then be in touch to give you access to priority web, app and phone booking.