Renting your taxi plate in Ireland – get €2000 a year

Renting your taxi plate in Ireland – get €2000 a year

If you’re no longer driving but have an active taxi plate, we can help. Transferring or selling your plate is prohibited, but here at Lynk, we’ll be able to find a driver to rent your plate. Interested?

We’ve noticed that a lot of drivers are leaving the industry but are unaware of what they can do with their plates. The plates are then expiring if inactive for + 2 years and then unfortunately that’s another plate off the road. We’re offering to manage plates for drivers who are no longer interested in driving a taxi but would like to keep the plate in use, while earning up to €2000 per year.

Renting a taxi plate



How it Works

  • If you have an active plate and want to rent it out.
  • Once approved, we’ll find a suitable driver to rent your plate and put it on their own vehicle
  • You’ll get paid up front (depending on market conditions €1500 – €2000)
  • Minimum rent period by regulation must be 12 months
  • You’ll still own the plate




What can you earn?

Depending on the market, renting your plate could make you between €1500 – €2000 per year. So its worth getting the plate out, rather than it just sitting around and costing you money!


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