Who is Lynk?
We are an innovative taxi technology company based in Dublin. We offer our customers a secure, professional, and efficient taxi booking app and your taxi is only a tap away.

How can I get the Lynk app?
The app is available free to download on both the App Store and Play store.

What makes Lynk different?
We have been working in taxi technology for 25 years so we know a little bit about what works.
Your Lynk Customer Care Crew is on hand 24/7/365 and is always ready to help.
With your Lynk app you can pre-book a taxi in advance for a time that suits you.

Is Lynk safe?
Especially for your comfort and peace of mind all Lynk drivers are fully licensed, full time, professional, Garda vetted and proper taxi drivers. We do not use private cars, private drivers, moonlighters, or amateurs passing themselves off as professionals.

I don’t have a Smartphone. Can I still book?

Yes of course. Your Lynk Customer Care Crew can take in your booking at any time.

The app isn’t locating me. What do I do?
Your GPS service may be turned off or GPS or 3G signal may be weak. Make sure your signal is strong, your GPS is switched on and to enhance your GPS location turn on your Wifi.

Where is Lynk currently available?
Lynk is based in Dublin and we have big plans to expand onto a national platform.

I left something in a Lynk taxi, how do I get it back?
Don’t worry. Your journey details will be stored in our secure database and we can contact the drivers. You can contact the Lynk Customer Care Crew on by tapping the ‘phone’ icon on the top right of your app and we will help with your lost item.

How do I pay for my taxi by card?
Open the app. Tap the ‘My Profile’ icon on the top right hand corner of your screen. Tap the ‘Card Details’ field and then ‘Add New Card’. When you select ‘Pay with Card’ the fare will be charged to that card account.

What about my Card information? Is it safe?
For your added security and unlike other taxi apps, Lynk does not store any of your card information on our servers. Instead we use a highly secure, licensed and trusted partner who specialise in card services. Realex is our current partner.

How do I claim my Lynk Rewards?
Open the app. Tap the ‘My Profile’ icon on the top right hand corner of your screen. Tap the field ‘Lynk Rewards’ and then enter your Reward Code. Then tap Redeem. Your Lynk Reward is stored for your next taxi booking.