Settings for App and Web Bookings on your Lynk Business Account

Deactivate Users

Once users have been deactivated this will remove the ability to book through the Lynk App and Web Booker on your business account.

    To deactivate users on your Lynk Taxi Account for App and Web please fill in the following details below.

    1. Taxi Account Information

    2. Personal Details

    *the user details entered below must be the same details that will be used to register/login to the Lynk App.

    + De-Activate Another User

    3. Please let us know the taxi account administrator who is authorised to allow App bookings on your Lynk taxi account.

    This is a security control to ensure that the people named in this application are authorised to book taxis on your Lynk Taxi account. Please let the Account Administrator know about this application. We will contact the Account Administrator for the appropriate permission.