Lynk’s tips to survive the next 11 bus strikes

Lynk’s tips to survive the next 11 bus strikes

Dublin bus have announced they have 11 more strikes scheduled for the coming month, but don’t despair just yet, Lynk are here to help.We have thousands of hard working drivers that will hit the roads to get you from A to B hassle free.

And remember bus lanes will be in operation for taxis and private hire buses only. So to beat the inevitable gridlock, book a Lynk taxi and sail through the traffic in the empty bus lanes.

We have tons of extra drivers out to avoid any delays, but we’ll need your help too:

  • Please pre-book your taxi – Bookings are already rushing in, so get your booking in early.
  • Share a Lynk – Friends or colleagues might be heading the same way. Split the fare and save some €€.
  • Try avoid Rush Hour – Not the film, the traffic. Try leave a little earlier to avoid the chaos. (Peak 7am – 10am & 4pm – 7pm)
  • Be Patient – It’s going to be very busy and the traffic will be slow, but we will get you a taxi, and we can sail through the bus lanes to make up the time

GAA fans beware, the buses plan to go on strike on Saturday the 1st. YES, that’s the same day as the all-Ireland final replay. Start pre booking your taxis now to avoid disappointment!!

The next 11 strikes are due to take place on the follow dates:

1st of October Saturday
5th of October Wednesday
7th of October Friday
10th of October Monday
12th of October Wednesday
14th of October Friday
18th of October Tuesday
19th of October Wednesday
24th of October Monday
26th of October Wednesday
29th of October Saturday