Lynk Taxis Protective Screens

Lynk Taxis Protective Screens

Our main priority in Lynk Taxis is the safety of our drivers and passengers, especially now more than ever. One of the biggest safety measures we have introduced during Covid – 19 is the installation of taxi protective screens throughout our fleet.

The brand new taxi protective screens are a first of its kind in the Irish taxi industry. They’re made from a clear perspex screen fitted securely between the front and back of the taxi, this means you and your driver are separated, protected and preventing the spread of the virus.  The screens have been measured, cut and installed in-house by our garage team.

Over the coming weeks the majority of our taxis will have a protective screen fitted.

Lynk Protective Screen


The protective screens will provide you with your own ventilation and an extra piece of mind while travelling by taxi. It’s a simple idea but we believe it will be very effective!

Check out the inside of one our taxis – Watch Video

Book a Protective Screen Taxi

booking a proctective screen taxi

1. Download/Open the Lynk app or call 018202020

2. Set ‘Address’ & ‘Destination

3. Change vehicle to ‘Protective Screen

4. Confirm your details & book

We recommend that you pay by card. Card journeys are completely contactless, you can just jump in & jump out without any direct contact!