Lynk Taxi Finalise Crucial Wicklow Partnership

Lynk Taxi Finalise Crucial Wicklow Partnership

Continued growth as Lynk team up with MT Cabs in Bray. Lynk have finalised a key acquisition in one of Dublin’s largest commuter towns, Bray. Lynk have been rapidly expanding their reach for customers which has further cemented them as one of the biggest players in the Irish taxi industry.

Having solidified their quality service in Dublin and other key commuter towns such as Maynooth, this merger is a crucial stepping stone in their national growth plans. Lynk has merged with prominent Bray based firm, MT Cabs, bringing Lynk Bray to the market by early February.

MT Cabs is long established and have a loyal local customer base in the Bray, Greystones and Enniskerry, which is why they are the perfect fit for Lynk, whose core offering is the highest quality local service. Merging with MT Cabs will expand Lynk’s availability in Northern Wicklow, an area that has been lacking in app based taxi technology for customers. The Lynk technology being used by such a prominent local rank will mean even more availability of taxis for local customers through the unique Lynk app, phone and online booking technology.

This key merger will see over 30 new local drivers added to Lynk’s growing fleet, enhancing their availability for customers in the greater Dublin area. This partnership is just one of many that Lynk are finalising in the coming months as part of their ongoing national expansion plans. Additionally it allows these new drivers city wide use of the app, allowing them to generate more work for themselves and to increase their personal income.

Noel Ebbs, CEO of Lynk said “We’re really pleased to have brought MT Cabs in to the fold at Lynk. We see this as a huge opportunity to bring our app technology to customers in the Bray area. As always our focus is to offer local people the best possible service and drivers the best opportunity and fairest system to make a good living.”

Jerry Maloney, MT Cabs owner “I am very excited to be a part of bringing Lynk to Bray and North Wicklow in general and to bring the taxi industry in these areas into the 21st century with the Lynk technology. This will improve the quality of our service to our loyal customers, some of which have been with us since we formed as MT Cabs over 20 years ago. This marks a new chapter as we move forward as Lynk Bray. Exciting times lay ahead.”

For more information or to download the app go to or call Lynk Bray 01 286 3633


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