Lynk Expands its’ Workforce by 200

Lynk Expands its’ Workforce by 200

Lynk, Dublin’s first home grown taxi app, is expanding this month with the addition of 200 drivers to its’ ranks. The extension comes following a merger with Blue Cabs, Dublin’s third largest taxi company.

Noel Ebbs, CEO of Lynk says: ‘Blue Cabs are an important feature in the Dublin taxi-for-business market. It is a strategic move for Lynk that we associate and operate with such a prominent brand before the launch of our Lynk corporate account feature and online web booker later this spring. For our Lynk business offering it’s essential that we continue to engage top quality taxi drivers with a proven customer ethic and all of these drivers tick that box.’

Lynk currently employs over 2,500 drivers in Ireland. This figure makes Lynk the largest taxi firm in the country. Ebbs comments: ‘All of our drivers, including the recent additions from Blue Cabs are full time and have been Garda vetted. This expansion is a sign of growing confidence in the taxi industry. It also brings job and income security to the drivers which accompanied with recently reduced charges will ultimately deliver a better service to our customers.’

Lynk have been distributing €25 voucher codes across selected areas in Dublin and on college campuses in Dublin throughout the month of March.


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