Bring a Book, Buy a Book Campaign 2016

Bring a Book, Buy a Book Campaign 2016

Lynk have teamed up with St Michael’s House again this year, to help support their “Bring a Book, Buy a Book” campaign. St. Michael’s House provide services for people with intellectual disabilities and we are always delighted to take part in this campaign.

Every year St. Michael’s House make a delivery of new and used books to Lynk head office. Our drivers take the books and distribute them to our customers in order to help promote the campaign. The books are wrapped and branded with details of the charity and how members of the public can donate. Lynk’s role is to promote this campaign to a larger audience, raise awareness and to get more people involved.

We are asking interested participants to bring in second-hand books, from their homes, and then buy donated books from their colleagues. To purchase one costs just €2 per book. This can be set up in a staff common area over a morning/day/evening, and work on a trust basis or be manned by a staff member. The campaign is to encourage reading for all. Each location receives a starter pack consisting of promotional posters, bookmarks, stickers and donation box.

Lynk encourages your support of St. Michael’s House by suggesting the hosting of a “Bring a Book, Buy a Book” event in your company.

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To Donate

Text BOOK to 50300 to donate €2

100% goes to SMH less VAT, if applied then €1.63.

LIKECHARITY 0766805270