Booking Tips for Paddy’s Weekend

Booking Tips for Paddy’s Weekend

St. Patrick’s Day, 17th March, is Ireland’s national holiday and with events and parties planned throughout Dublin City we’re giving you some tips to make sure your taxi service is as smooth as possible.



1. Pre – Book in Advance
Always best to pre-book in advance and plan your journey. It’s going to be busy so get your booking in early. You can book with Lynk by app, web or phone (01) 8 72 72 72.



2. Share a Lynk
Jump in with friends and share the fare! Try plan your taxi so you and your friends all travel together. There’s always that one friend who says their ready, but they’re only getting into the shower. See that person, leave that person behind!! No time for stragglers..



3. Arrange your Pick up Point
Roads will be closed and access to the City will be limited. Contact your driver, they know the best pick up points. If your booking using the app, make sure you’re in area that a driver can reach. See road closures here


Celebrate4. Avoid the Parade Route if possible
(See parade map below)


Parade starts at Parnell Street North and finishes on Kevin Street

St Patricks Day Logo


5. Get a Good Breakfast

Eating isn’t cheating. Your mother knows best, get a good feed in early so you have some soakage for the Guinness. I’ve seen many of men fall before the clock hits 3pm, you don’t want to be that guy.


Have a Great Weekend