Best Beer Gardens of Dublin

Best Beer Gardens of Dublin

Here at Lynk we want to help you see all the best beer gardens around Dublin. Dublin has lots of really great beer gardens, and Lynk have decided to list their favourites to help you on your way to enjoying the perfect evening. 

Bernard Shaw, Richmond St.

The Bernard Shaw is a small pub on Richmond St. with a not-so-small smoking area/beer garden. As well as a lovely atmosphere, you can expect to find a pool table, delicious Italian pizza, and a double decker bus that you eat your pizza on. The pub itself also has a decent range of craft beer, amazing cocktails and lots of promotional offers for those on a tight budget.

The Odeon, Harcourt St.

Not many people know that the Odeon has two outdoor areas. At the front of the Odeon there’s a strip of tables where you can people watch, try a few cocktails, or enjoy some  tapas. To the side of the building, there’s a new and more spacious area with barrels, stools, and umbrellas. This is a great place to kick back and enjoy the sun (however rare the sight of sun might be).

The Taphouse, Ranelagh

If you want something a little bit more outside of town, then the Taphouse in Ranelagh has a wonderful spacious terrace, an extensive selection of craft beers and lots of really tasty dishes to try.


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