Lynk Delivery for Business is Here

Lynk Delivery for Business is Here

Lynk is excited to announce its brand new service – Lynk Delivery, our on – demand delivery service. We are here to help local businesses reach more customers, meaning your business will never miss a delivery opportunity again, sounds alright doesn’t it!

Here’s how Lynk Delivery integrates with your business

  • Your customer shops by phone or in store with your business
  • You take payments for the goods and the delivery.
  • Once the customer’s order is ready it’s time to book your Lynk Delivery driver to collect & deliver directly to your customers door.

Benefits of Lynk Delivery for your business

  • Free to use
  • Offer a new service to existing customers
  • You still own the customer, we just manage the delivery
  • No difficult integration (book online or by phone)
  • Set pricing per drop
  • Reach new customers

Here’s how to book your delivery 

Step 1. Book delivery online at or call (01) 4715313

Step 2. Set your business address as the ‘Pick Up’ point.

Step 3. Set customers address as the ‘Destination’

A quote for that delivery will be shown when you’ve entered the ‘Pick Up’ and ‘Destination’. 

Tip: When booking online, make sure you’re on the “Book Delivery” tab which is located at the top of your screen. Businesses can book multiple deliveries in a single run so numerous orders can be delivered by the same driver.


For more information on how we can help call us on (01) 4715313 or via email